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A lot of people are thinking that being a plumber is not a good career for a person to do for living. Most of the Asian countries think that to be in this field means that you can sustain your family for a better future. But in America, having this kind of job would perfectly tell you that you are one of the highest paid individuals there. It requires you to work day or night or both and even on weekends. There is no holiday for them, as long as you need them you can contact them.  

Comparing these people under these field of skills. In most of the states, they ordinary plumbers to take a professional examination in order for them to be a skilled one.  

Pipe fitter usually fixed those drainage that can’t function well. Even the kitchen’s sink and bathroom’s water pipes. If your toilet is broken, they can also manage that one to be properly installed again. They are considered heroes in some special case as they will be there when we need their help. For those living in a new house or apartment. They are the first person to look for when you need to have your water source be installed. When people need someone to arrange proper waste disposal and even for other related to home system and company building’s, they are always prepared anytime that you will reach them.  

Being a professional one, it means a lot. You have to have a lot of energy and patience to do things correctly and properly. You need to have time management as you have to meet the time that the people are expecting you to finish it soon. They should have great stamina and easily to adapt to different work-related environment. Others, may think that is so nasty and unpleasant to work with dirt and smelly water sewage. But for them, they love it and they embrace the true nature of their job description.  

You need not a higher degree of education for you to be a professional plumber. Even you finished your master’s degree if you don’t know how to fix a simple dysfunction in the line, it would not make you a better one. All you have to do is to enroll yourself in a skill school or trade community learning. You need as well a lot of experience and keen to details.  

For some people, they pursue their dreams of having their own service company. They make money by hiring people to work for them. Most of them, will go to the part of becoming a supervisor or even working for a company contractor. If you want to explore more things about your ability, you can apply for a job that is related to working in the environment.  

Nowadays, based on the survey that was conducted. Many steamfitter and pipe layers are losing their jobs as there is no more demands in this kind of field.  

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